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Agricultural lands (19)

Farmland Krk, 26.000m2
Olive grove near the town of Krk, Linardići, Šotovento, 629 m2
For sale is a beautiful olive grove located in the picturesque village of Linardići on the western part of the island of Krk. This attractive area, called Šotovento, is known for its mild climate thanks to the nearby peaks that protect it from the storm, beautiful scenery and sunsets, and lush vegetation. The olive grove is located in the interior of the village, near the family houses, and a dozen olive trees are planted on it. Until recently, it was in the construction zone, so it is possible that it will again be included in the new spatial plan amendment, which would be interesting for investors. It is completely enclosed by a dry wall, has a regular shape and is larger in nature (approx. 800 m2).
Forest near Kras, Dobrinj, Island Krk, 4.244m2
For sale is a beautiful agricultural land with an access from an asphalted road, in the nature of the forest, with an area of 4244 m2. The land has a regular shape, good width and is excellent for growing plant and animal species traditional for this climate. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Kars, the highest settlement on the island of Krk, located in the very center of the island. The distance from the construction zone is only 400 m, while the sea and the first beaches are 6 km away.
Farmland Krk, 1.130m2
Farmland Garica, Vrbnik, 12.644m2
Building land Garica, Vrbnik, 1.147m2
Farmland Pinezići, Krk, 2.567m2
Agricultural parcel on the island of Krk, situated in a quiet location near a place Pinezići.
Farmland Milohnići, Krk, 11.246m2
Nice agricultural land on the sea, large areas and with a lot of potential.
Farmland Risika, Vrbnik, 2.276m2
Farmland Garica, Vrbnik, 5.787m2
Farmland Garica, Vrbnik, 4.855m2
Farmland Milohnići, Krk, 13.000m2
Farmland Omišalj, 6.318m2
Farmland Krk, 25.000m2
For sale is a beautiful agricultural land just above the town of Krk with good access road and nearby infrastructure. The terrain is quite irregular, in the nature of the forest and it is about 25 000 m2. From the terrain there is a beautiful view of the sea and the town of Krk.
Farmland Krk, 1.968m2
Farmland Milohnići, Krk, 3.300m2
For sale is a nice agricultural land of 3300 m2, in the place Milohnići, 2000 meters from the sea. The access road is next to the land. It is perfect for farming and is ideal for nature lovers.
Farmland Skrbčići, Krk, 3.378m2
Agricultural land for sale in Picik, not far from the Valbiska ferry port on the island of Krk. The land is 3378 m2 in size and is ideally located. The access road is to the grounds. The land is suitable for farming and is ideal for nature lovers. Possible sale of about 1000 m2 each.
Farmland Garica, Vrbnik, 5.280m2
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